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One of the worst things that could happen in your Amazon account gets it suspended, but the worst of it all is to get your funds frozen. One can understand that you feel like you’re being robbed of the opportunity to profit but guess what, you’ve just got suspended, and the last thing you want to do is sit down and cry. Instead of mopping around understand the problem and do something about it.

Listed below are all of the things that can hopefully help you regain your account and open your funds again. However, not all issues are the same, so the things that you would do moving forward would depend on the type of account problem you’ve been issued. One of the most common issues that people face why their account is suspended and frozen is due to the authenticity problem. Meaning, Amazon got a hint and a report that you’ve been allegedly selling fake items. Don’t worry, upon reactivating your account. Your funds would automatically open up too.

1) Pinpoint why you’ve been suspended in the first place.

All your actions moving forward without you knowing what got your account suspended in the first place will be futile. It’s highly important to point out what got you suspended and act on it. Make amends with the irate customer and offer help on how you could make things convenient for them.

2) Make an appeal letter to the Amazon representatives.

It’s time to email an Amazon seller representative. Detail everything that happened. If you can, provide all the related screenshots as your attachment to the letter. Attach all the related invoices to your email. In case, you lost the invoices, detail out why you lost them and tell them the plan of actions you’re making to prevent invoice losses in the future.

3) Provide the Amazon seller representative with authorization from either the owner of the brand or the manufacturer of the brand.

If you have an authorization letter from a manufacturer to your supplier saying that your suppliers are authorized distributors of the brand (listed products with the problem), attach them to your email.


In conclusion, you just need to be a little comprehensive and clear in your appeal letter, so the representative will quickly grasp what your problem is. The process of reinstating your account would be quick if you help your attending representative with all the requirements that he or she requires you to attach.

Finally, be informed of the preventive suspension hacks not to face another suspension problems.