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Amazon Sellers have tried driving traffic from external sources to their Amazon listings to increase sales. They have had a hard time tracking which campaign is adequate for their products and which is not.

What is Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution is a beta measurement solution that enables brands that sell on Amazon to track their advertising and marketing metrics across different platforms.

Amazon Attribution allows brands and advertisers to fully display the insights needed to optimize their media campaigns and product sales fully. This new feature also gives an extensive view into how each marketing campaign helps a brand’s purchasing activity on Amazon.

Why do Sellers need Amazon Attribution?

Whenever the seller’s ads are up and running, they can measure, optimize, and plan their strategies to increase sales.


Sellers can now obtain insights into advertising channel benefit through Amazon sales impact analysis. For example, when a customer purchases your brand on Amazon, you can now track the same trail they took to get to your product listing.


Amazon Attribution is a game-changer for optimizing your sales as you can trace your customers through their entire buying process. This can give you information on your customer’s shopping behavior. Also, you can significantly improve the ad campaigns that work for you and get rid of the ones that aren’t.


Amazon Attribution also helps you to enhance your brand management. You can review your brand’s performance and relevant Amazon customer insight to help you plan future marketing strategies that can maximize your sales.

Sellers need Amazon Attribution

Who can use Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution is currently available for brand-registered professional sellers, vendors, and agencies. It is also available for the US and UK market.

Attribution Tag

An Amazon Attribution tag is a tracking URL for a product listing you made under your Amazon Attribution account.

You can create the URL and place this link in your email, ad, article, or any form of the digital medium, which can lead your customers to your product listing. When a customer clicks on the link, Amazon will track and tell you what actions the customer took.

Attribution Tag Creation

Once you’ve set up your Amazon Attribution account, creating your attribution tag is very easy. Amazon will give you a set of instructions to follow on how to make the tag. Here are the simplified instructions:

  • Select the name you choose to create the tag for
  • Click on the ‘New Order’ Button
  • Pick a product of your choice from your product listing, and click ‘Add’
  • Under the ‘Order Settings’, give a proper name and ID, and click on ‘Continue to line items’
  • In the ‘Click-through URL’, provide your product listing page URL. Then click the ‘Create’ button.

After doing the instructions, you have successfully created your Amazon Attribution tag.

Seller Account Metrics

Tracking your Metrics

After you’ve created your attribution tag, Amazon will now allow you to track the following metrics:

  • Total Sales
  • Add to Cart
  • Click-throughs
  • Purchase Rate
  • Detail Page Views

You can track these metrics by Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASINs) and by the campaign. By monitoring these metrics, you will also be able to figure out which products from your listings give you the most sales and the ones that are making you lose money.


Now that you’ve learned how Amazon Attribution works, you can take full advantage of its features. This is an excellent option for your brands to acknowledge how off-Amazon marketing strategies drive sales on Amazon.

It also allows advertisers to optimize, develop, and budget their different strategies across various social media platforms. Also, Amazon Attribution shows you how your customer’s research, discover and buy your products on Amazon.

Lastly, the data you get from the feature will assist you in measuring the impact of display, search, social, and video media channels on your Amazon account. As a whole, Amazon Attribution will boost your business’ sales.

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