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Case Studies

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Richard sells ballet tights and ballerinas on Amazon. He was not getting an expected respond from the customers and so for what he contacted TheAppealGuru. He tried our product listing optimization service for ballet tights one of his products and he was impressed by the increase in organic sales.
Looking at the customer response he decided to hire us for overall account management. Nearly after five months of working, Richard saw a remarkable increase in sales in both organic and sponsored. He chalks up this achievement to our team working on the project, saying it all begins with a strategic plan.
The challenges included poorly-optimized product contents followed by low conversion and a lack of PPC strategy. We had to start everything from scratch and there were a lot of expectations to live up to. In short, there was so much to do and the time to gain trust was limited.
We performed content optimization to aid in the organic discovery and better PPC conversion, also we changed some of the images with clear product explanation. We also created new listing and reorganization of catalog by clubbing the product variations.
Within the first two months of our services, the number of order received was increased from 140 to 320. Not only he saw a significant increase in sales, but working with TheAppealGuru had saved so much his time, enabling him to source new items and focus on other important aspects of his business.


Harris ran a business which supported him and his family. One day Harris received an Amazon Suspension notice, we know that it was a holiday on that day but it’s important to get his account back. If Anthony lost his Sellers Account on that day, he would lose his business as Amazon accounted for 75% of his revenue.
Harriscontacted us through the appeal guru reviews and after that he supplied a copy of the Amazon Suspension. We started investigating his account at the same time when we receive his email, even though it was in non-working hours. The appeal guru supplied him with a unique Amazon Suspension Letter which was sent to Amazon within 24 hours.
After all these, he received an email back from Amazon within some hours of submitting the Appeal Suspension Letter and was able to sell again on Amazon.
With our knowledge and proficiency in amazon appeal, we help all our customers to get their Amazon Seller Account Reinstated, usually within 48 hours.


Working with this client was one of the best experience for TheAppealGuru team. Martin was having a fresh brand with very little exposure that wanted to break into a heavily competitive marketplace. We introduced them to Amazon’s beauty category and within the first few months, we brought their products into the top results pages for all targeted keywords.
While we were studying the account and listing the products, Martin helped us by sending products to us so we can mention detail of product features along with the information about the products.
Apart from this Martin gave best suggestion also for the location from where he was thinking he could get the best sale, and that’s come true. We were not only able to immediately start selling 20+ units a day of this client’s products, we were also able to capture the top-ranked spot for many of the most competitive keywords for this product type.
Within two years, the client had the top selling product of its type on Amazon and across England. After adding some of the additionallyproduct, we get a notable increase in sale which boost the growth rate of 215% compare to previous six month.


Wilson is one of the Amazon seller selling sanitization and hygiene products with the help of Amazon Marketplace. He was having a good seller profile on amazon with over 250 orders per day. One day he got a mail from amazon seller team about some policy violation for product listing. He fails to look after and which result into Suspension. This suspension was painful and a good reminder of just how quickly things.
After this he searched some online content for appealing amazon account and tried himself to reinstate his seller account. Unluckily he got suspension once again, at the same time he decides to go with profession amazon consultancy who will write an appeal on behalf of him. Wilson contact The Appeal Guru, taking no time we started investigating his account.
Studying the previous appeal we come to know that the Plan of Action (POA) was lacking Amazon’s expectation. Our team writes a Re-appeal Letter and the account was reinstated within 6hr of appeal submission.Wilson also hired a full time account management staff for avoiding such situation in future.
With our knowledge in amazon seller account management, TheAppealGuru help their customersseller account to remain up to date all the time, and get the best sale from there.