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Amazon is extremely customer-centric. It lives and stands by the customer’s satisfaction. For that reason, Amazon has strict rules for sellers to maintain its handsome level of customer satisfaction.

The strict rules to which Amazon abides often leads to several account suspensions. The reason for the suspension of an Amazon seller account ranges from a report from a customer or an unhealthy account performance.

Amazon account suspension is exasperating because there is no telling when your account will go to normal.

At this point, there’s no time to fret. You’ll need an expert third-party to take care of your Amazon reinstatement. Here’s where we come by:

Here at Appeal Guru, we give the holistic type of service to help you reinstate your Amazon account. Holistic in the sense that we give you the complete package of services to make sure your account goes live in no time.

These are some of the issues we help you with:

  1. Policy violations – Product safety ( including used products, expired product) complaints, product description differences, prohibited items, and so on.
  2. Poor account health status – High order defect, late dispatch, pre-fulfillment rates, and confirmation of orders before dispatch.
  3. The inauthenticity of products – Inauthentic item complaints from customers.
  4. Related Accounts – Situation where one seller has (accidentally got) more than one account.
  5. Copyright infringement of products – Intellectual property right from another seller.

The ones mentioned in the list are some of the most common reasons why an account gets suspended. By appealing uniquely (depending on the reason/s that got you suspended), in the exact way the Amazon seller performance team wants, you’ll get your live account soon.

Aside from our reinstatement services, we also cater to other services such as:

  • Account Health Check: Account health is one of the factors that Amazon looks into in deciding whether to suspend your account or not. If your account health seems to drop a bit, we are here to retain it in its best level.
  • Sales Boost: Are you getting fewer and fewer sales by day? There might be some things in your account that you’re missing at. Help us help you by letting us check into the surface of your seller account.
  • Suspension Prevention: Don’t wait before your account gets suspended. Prevent the suspension from happening here and then.

Other perks you should know from us.

  • We have an average success time of 72 hours for account reinstatement.
  • We refund up to 100% if your account is not reinstated.
  • Repeat appeals are free.
  • We have free consultation and advice: Just dial this number 020 3824 1889.