There are predefined policies which every seller has to follow for selling on amazon marketplace. Through these Amazon wants to ensure that every product sold is according to the listing details. Amazon needs to know that your listing abilities will be of compliance and up to date. Violation of these policies results into account suspension, to get back your account to previous state you need to write an appeal letter to amazon seller team. Considering numerous challenges and bottlenecks faced as a seller on Marketplace, nothing can be better than having a partner who can help you out successfully in such situations.Appeal Guru Suspension appeal works best here; we understand your concerns for getting reinstated which is why we aim to respond to you very quickly.

Our team helps you get reinstated as quickly as possible. We work for you to give your seller account occupancy stability and growth through our services such as Suspension appeal, sales boost, account health maintenance and many more. Our expert crew has gained significant experience in selling on Amazon and can help you through any problems you face. So join up with us for a better and more efficacious journey as a seller!

Appeal Areas

We are a team of professionals, dealing with all types of Amazon Suspensions:

Legal Department

Design Patent

Price Gouging

Intellectual Property




Safety Compliance

FDA Claims

DEA Claims

EPA Claims

Marketing Statements

Account Health

Reviews Manipulation

ASIN Creation

Order Defect Rate

Late Shipment Rate

Policy Warnings

Product Compliance

Used Item Sold as New



Chronic Defective

Detail Page Correction

Amazon Seller Account Services


Suspension Appeal

Has your account been suspended? Don’t panic! We will help you curate the best plan of action for account re-in-statement with 100% money-back guarantee.

Sales Boost

Not getting expected results from your sales? There might be some intricate issues and tips that you are missing out on – we will help you with this too!

Account Health Check

Are you worried about a drop in your seller account health? We are there to guide you and assure that it reaches the stated limits of Seller Account.

Suspension Prevention

Why wait until your account is suspended? We will help you deal with all policy issues and warnings that you get so that your account remains active.

Amazon Seller Case Studies


Richard sells ballet tights and ballerinas on Amazon. He was not getting an expected respond from the customers and so for what he contacted TheAppealGuru.He tried our product listing optimization service


Working with this client was one of the best experience for TheAppealGuru team. Martin was having a fresh brand with very little exposure that wanted to break into a heavily competitive marketplace.


Harris ran a business which supported him and his family. One day Harris received an Amazon Suspension notice, we know that it was a holiday on that day but it’s important to get his account back.


Wilson is one of the Amazon seller selling sanitization and hygiene products with the help of Amazon Marketplace. He was having a good seller profile on amazon with over 250 orders per day.

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FAQ for Appeal Guru Suspension


Why The Appeal Guru is best to reinstate Amazon Seller Account?

Hiring a professional to file an appeal for you might be the right step for you. The Appeal Guru is having the best knowledge about any seller account issues. We have reinstated more than 600 amazon seller accounts with the success ration of above 95%.

What if my Amazon Account is not reinstated?

We read/study your suspension in detail before appealing for reinstatement. We apply our best professionalism for crafting your Plan-of-Action, so that your account gets active as soon as possible. It’s very rare that trying all the tricks Amazon won’t allow any account to reinstate, but if it happens then The Appeal Guru is bound to give 100% Refund with Guarantee.

How long will Amazon take to reinstate the Amazon Seller Account?

Most probably Amazon takes 48hrs to reinstate any seller suspension. Although the service depends on individual cases, we very well understand time is money and do our best to deliver your appeal within 24-72 hours after investigation. Amazon takes 1-7 days maximum to deliver a response, and we cannot control their response time. From our experience, Accounts have been reinstated in an hour, a day and even few days also.

Does TheAppealGuru Plan-Of-Action works?

For every reinstatement plan-of-action is the most important factor. Our experienced team will write every appeal after proper investigation of suspension letter. The Appeal Guru Setup best plan of action to avoid further suspension.

Do they charge for Repeat Appeal?

There might be a situation when you will get a second suspension, due to lack of document or even policy violation. In Such Case repeat Appeal is FREE from The Appeal Guru.

What are the solutions The Appeal Guru is reviewed for?

The appeal Guru is reviewed for Suspension Appeal, Suspension Prevention, Maintaining Account Health, Sale Boost and over all account management.

Will my Amazon Account be re-instated for sure?

As a partner, we will provide you with the best analysis service and an appeal for your Amazon account, but unfortunately, due to the nature of the business and industry, we cannot manipulate the outcome from Amazon’s end.